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~Tuesday 27th of July 2021~

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UkuWorld is the center for all your ukulele needs! Tune your ukulele with our advanced UkuTuner. Practice chords with UkuChords and step up your game by learning ukulele scales at UkuScales. Don't know where start? Go over to UkuGuides and read some of the comprehensive guides or just go over the quick tips. In the end, above all, enjoy playing your favorite songs on your ukulele with UkuTabs where you can find a huge amount of songs available at your fingertips.

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    Hello everyone, aloha!

    First and foremost, I’d like to welcome you to the original and official UkuWorld Community forums! This community was created with simplicity in mind. I did not develop this forum to be the most popular forum out there or to have tons of social features such as (de)friending, messaging, subscribing and so on. There are dozens of other services that can offer you this and are good at doing just that. UkuWorld Community is here to be very good at one thing: communicating with fellow ukulele players who truly care about their wonderful instrument.

    It starts at the frontpage of the UkuWorld community where you can find (only) seven forums:

    • I’m new here! – This forum is here to introduce yourself and get the love you deserver. Whether this is your first day of being an ukulele owner or being a true ukulele veteran. Come on in and tell us a little bit about yourself.
    • General Discussion – Talking ukulele is fun. It’s the main reason why I’ve created these forums, but sometimes you want to talk about something off-topic. Maybe something is on your mind, or you’re looking for some advice.
    • Ukulele Q&A – This is where the ukulele related questions are asked. Want to know how to play something, advice which ukulele to buy, how to store your ukulele…? Ask it all in here and hopefully it’ll get answered asap!
    • Sharing is Caring – Found a cool song, video, ukulele resource…? Developed some cool new trick or riff that you want to share? Did you come across a tip which you think might be useful to others? Please do share it here!
    • Ukulele Songs – UkuTabs is the place to be to play ukulele songs. On some songs it happens that quite a big discussion arises in the comments section. From now on these discussions can be done right here on the forum.
    • Ukulele Marketplace – Getting rid of one of your ukulele? Looking to do some bargain? Check out the marketplace to sell your item(s) or to see if there is anything that appeals to you. Read further on for some disclaimers regarding the marketplace.
    • Suggestions & Remarks – When there is code, there are bugs. I’d love nothing more than squash all of these virtual bugs. Also if you have a suggestion or remark regarding any of the UkuWorld websites, I’d love to hear it!

    It is of the utmost importance that the UkuWorld Community is safe and friendly environment for everyone! To ensure this I have written down some basic rules. Please do read them carefully and follow them as good as possible. Inability to follow these basic rules will result in an immediate termination of the account.

    1. Respect each other!

    It goes without saying that this is the most important rule in the UkuWorld Community. Everyone is welcome here: young and old, woman and man, beginning and experienced players… Every person has the right to express his or her opinion. Disagreeing with said opinion does not give you the right to insult that person. Keep your feedback constructive and positive, trying to help inexperienced players. Do not brag about your experience just for your own ego. Contact me immediately using the contact form if you come across a situation which is getting out of hand.

    2. Zero-tolerance policy.

    I have a very strict zero-tolerance policy when I encounter (but not limited to) racism, homophobia, hating, pornography, bashing, insulting, trolling… Your account will be terminated immediately, no buts.

    3. Choose the correct forum please.

    As explained above there are seven different forums. Each of them has its function and topic. Please try to post in the correct forum and stay on topic. There is a special section (‘General Discussion’) for off-topic discussions.

    4. Self-promoting is allowed.

    Made a cool video? Developed a new ukulele-related product? Feel free to share it with the community in the ‘Sharing is Caring’ forum, of course this is allowed! It is however not allowed at all to post advertisements for anything not ukulele related. You may of course also post links to other website are products of which you think it may be of interest to fellow ukulele players.

    5. The UkuWorld Marketplace.

    This marketplace is solely reserved for selling, buying and trading of ukulele-related items. Ukuleles, stands, strings, capos, bags, posters… You have full responsibility when selling, buying or trading items! UkuWorld is not accountable for anything that happens after a deal has been made on the forums. Do not buy or sell anything if you are not comfortable with the situation.

    Thank you in advance for reading and respecting these few basic rules. If there are any issues or you are uncomfortable with a certain topic or reply, please do contact me immediately so that I can handle the situation.

    Do enjoy this UkuWorld Community! Share experiences and thoughts, get or give help to fellow ukulele players and have fun!

    – Jonas.

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