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~Tuesday 27th of July 2021~

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    Mine is Oliver


    Mine is Harry.


    mines named Jupiter lol


    mine is yui from sao


    mines is grace, after grace vanderwaal who inspired me to play




    A have a few Ukus, but
    My first one is Winterlynn, I got her on amazon for 19.99
    My second one is a tener, his name is Kevin (Named after Jenna Marbles’ uke)
    My Banjolele’s name is Billy-Jo since it is a country name
    And my concert ukulele is name Mako, since in LOK Make can bend lighting and my uku is electric 🙂


    my tenor ukulele is called Pavarotti


    Mine is Andy!


    My soprano is named Lady Phoebe, after the greek titan of prophecy, who is the grandmother of Apollo.


    Me, being the most uncreative human on earth, got a Luna ukulele. I named them Luna. And yes, Luna is non-binary.


    go to- https://getukulele.com/




    Her name is Evelyn. She is a purple Makala Shark concert.


    My ukulele’s name is Tyler because honestly Tyler Joseph from Twenty Øne Piløts is my inspiration and role model.


    Mylu. It is a reference to Tyler Joseph’s bass guitar named “My Fren” shifted 7 times in the Caesar cipher. The name is non-binary.


    Mine is Stitch and yes the name is non-binary


    I have 2 soprano ukes; Old Friend, & New Guy.




    I’ve had my ukulele for about a month. Her name is Ohana. Ohana means ‘family’. 🙂 #disneyfan


    my first ukulele’s name is noah
    my new ukulele’s name is lavlien- she’s wonderful!




    Skippy but I call him skip sometimes for short


    My ukulele is named Stella!


    My Uke’s name is Angelica. After Angelica Schuyler from Hamilton

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