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~Tuesday 27th of July 2021~

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    Mine is Rosa


    hmm i never thought to name mine




    Bro I named my uke rinesa because that’s my friends name who started sending me covers and it got me back into playing multiple instruments


    mine is anson


    drew frankie robino clairie bee jack edward peter joseph
    oh man i just realized my ukulele has so many middle names
    drew is for drawing/art
    frankie is a leaders name
    robino is for famous
    clairie is for pretty
    bee is for the wierd buzz my uke makes
    jack as in titanic
    edward as in twilight
    peter as in ummmmm never mind
    and last is joseph for 21 pilots


    My ukulele’s name is Paige, after a horse I used to ride – I swear their the same colour!!!


    My ukulele’s name is Melody. I named it at my school’s ukulele club!


    Mine is “Redbeard” I got it because of my….red beard. Well it was at the time I got the nick name. lol


    It’s name is Peachy because I love peaches and it’s the color of a peach lol


    my concert is Chelsea and my tenor is Freddie after Freddie mercury.


    my concert is named Chris after your favorite Chris (Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt, or Traeger) of your choice and my tenor is Freddie after Freddie mercury.


    My ukulele is named Clancy Eastwood. And yes, it’s supposed to be Clancy (from Dema) not Clint. And Eastwood because one: East is up, two: it’s made of wood, and three: it’s a rather western uke.


    i have a concert named sally jae


    I have four ukuleles. I have Cactus, Blueberry, Brandon, and Louis. (Louis is broken but I repainted him so I still consider him a part of my family.)


    my uke doesn’t have a name yet, does anyone have any ideas? i would appreciate any suggestions. by the way it’s a concert size ukulele and is from entail music on amazon. 🙂


    I have two ukes. My first ones name was Kevin (one of my friends named him), he was a soprano. I gave him to one of my friends bc she wants to learn but can’t afford a uke yet. My second ones name s Cornelius, the same friend who named Kevin named him. He is a soprano with a concert neck.


    Mine is Jelena


    Tysh. 🙂


    Cliche, named after my favourite song made by mxmtoon


    i have a soprano baby pink uke and its name is aria just cuz… 🙂


    lol mine is named Alexis. And yes, she is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper gay.


    My friends named it pineapple because of it’s shape and it stuck lol


    My acoustic ukulele is named Clarissa and my fully electric ukulele is named Charlie.


    Mine’s either Donner Weasley (I love Harry Potter and I got it at Donner) or Bruno II.

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