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The place to be for all your ukulele needs Forums General Discussion Which one…Panic! At the Disco, TØP, or Melanie Martinez?…

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    Who would you rather pick?…

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    first of all u forgot mcr!!!!! second either Panic! At the Disco or TOP (which i only know cuz my sis emo faze that was like a year) and i don’t really listen to Melanie Martinez. I will try to listen to her more

    #869 Reply

    I personally like Melanie Martinez.

    #970 Reply

    I like Panic!

    #982 Reply

    ooh i really love both panic! and top so either one of those lmao but not melanie. sorry crybabies, ive tried to get into her music, but i guess its just not for me

    #1028 Reply

    I’m not choosing lmao but yea you forgot mcr and fob. All of them are lit

    #1060 Reply

    I like all of them, but TØP is my favorite. 😀

    #1070 Reply

    I think TØP is pretty great but they are all awesome

    #1072 Reply

    i would choose Melanie Martinez

    #1074 Reply

    dangnabbit I can’t choose between Panic! and TOP, but them two lol

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    Let’s just say when I was young my daddy took me into the city to see a marching band. My friends don’t walk, they run but only fools rush in. I’m just letting the water fall, the death of me.

    #1670 Reply

    They’re music is awesome

    #1671 Reply

    Also I choose T O P

    #1692 Reply

    In my opinion:
    -Melanie is nice every once in a while, or when you’re really in the mood for something creepy
    -TOP is clearly one of the best things ever to happen to this earth,
    -But Breadbox Urine… (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

    #1710 Reply

    ok yes I now love Melanie Martinez! She’s now my favorite!

    #1713 Reply

    Welp, TOP all the way 🙂

    #1737 Reply

    I love all of them… But you forgot mcr and fob! (´•ω•̥`)

    #1814 Reply

    I like all of them but I think Panic is the best

    #1851 Reply

    melanie, if I’m in a creepy mood.

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    I heard that Melanie Martinez raped her friend… so Panic or twenty one pilots

    #1890 Reply

    twenty one pilots all the way |-/

    #1950 Reply

    i love 21 pilots more tho

    #1951 Reply

    otherwise, I’m 21 pilots 4 life!

    #2034 Reply

    TØP all the way!!!

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