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UkuWorld is the center for all your ukulele needs! Tune your ukulele with our advanced UkuTuner. Practice those difficult chords with UkuChords and step up your game by learning some ukulele scales with UkuScales. Don't know where start? Go over to UkuGuides and read some of the comprehensive guides are just go over the quick tips. In the end, above all, enjoy playing your favorite songs on your ukulele and what better way to do that than with UkuTabs where you can find a huge amount of songs available at your fingertips.

UkuWorld Community is here to offer you the ability to share your experiences with fellow ukulele enthusiasts and discuss. This in a friendly and respectful environment without too many bells and whistles. Login or register and come and join the fun!

Hi there! Simply fill in the field below to register to the UkuWorld Community. Already have an UkuTabs account? Perfect, you can use the same username and password to log in. Creating an account allows you to also log into UkuTabs.com to favorite songs and store them in the database.

There is no Terms of Service to accept (there are forum rules though). If you respect each other, everything will be fine. It is suggested to go through the forum rules before posting. Your account will be terminated immediately if you do not follow the very few basic rules! Inactive accounts which have not been logged into for more than 6 months will be deleted to preserve database storage. Came here in an error and already have an account? Click here to go to the UkuWorld Community login page.

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