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~Tuesday 2nd of March 2021~

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-You can decorate your ukulele with pretty much anything.
I decorated mine with transparent little stickers (so I can remove them easily), but you can use a normal type of stickers.
But be careful because you can’t remove them easily, so be sure whether you want that particular sticker.

-You can also spice up your fret board (I don’t recommend adding those dumb ukulele scale stickers, just learn scales by heart).
You can use small stickers, that I recommend putting on the same spots as the fret markers are so it won’t confuse you as to what fret you’re on.

If stickers aren’t your thing you can always use dried flowers. I saw a really cool TikTok (don’t judge me) where a person added dried flowers onto the uke and then sealed them with transparent varnish (I think that’s the word?) for wood. It looked pretty cool so if you wanna go for a more extreme makeover you can always do that.

Also you can always paint your ukulele with whatever you want.

Sorry for the rant but I do hope it helped at least a little bit ♥