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~Sunday 11th of April 2021~

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Nope. Y’all actually got me to register just to drop science on this particular issue. The “bass Ukulele” the first commenter mentioned is not a “guitarulele” (spell it how you like). A…(I’m going to call it Ukeitar, because the spelling of guitarulele is bothering me) is actually a tiny guitar approximately between the size of a tenor-baritone uke that is tuned like a guitar capo’d on the 5th fret. A bass uke, like the UBass or similar is the bass guitar equivalent of the ukulele itself, taking care of the low end with rubbery strings of glory. A quarter size, or child’s size guitar is tuned to standard pitch, but with tighter action to accommodate the shorter strings. Many smaller, child-sized instruments are lower in quality, so if you’re committed to a guitar a travel size or full size guitar would be best. If you have prior experience with ukulele, then a tenor would be good, as the tunings line up nicely. A baritone requires learning a new tuning, and the majority of tablature/chords are not in this baritone style. I have a 6 string uke made by Yamaha, and its a fun toy as your post name suggests, whereas a baritone/tenor ukulele is a great starting point to learn a new instrument.