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    i’ll start off first i guess:
    one time, in primary school, my class was in the library using the computers there. suddenly, we hear the lockdown alarm, so we get down under the computer desks. some kid (we’ll name him jack for the sake of the story) started acting up. he kept talking loudly, and refused to get under the desks. the teacher kept asking jack nicely to get under the desk. jack continued to refuse, and the teacher got more and more angry until, finally, he started yelling at jack. IN THE MIDDLE OF A LOCKDOWN! so we were just a bunch of terrified sixth and fifth graders, hidden under the desks of a dark room while this teacher screamed at a kid about maturity and responsibilities and stuff. i’m pretty sure this was just a drill, but if it was real, then congratulations to my teacher for making a choice that could’ve killed us. 🙂


    I am home-schooled


    OMG, reiliad, that’s awful! I remember something similar in 2nd-grade except I was the one getting yelled at for, get this… sneezing!

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