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    hi welcome to the loner party btw idk wt im doing with my life either


    Oh hey frennnn


    hey bro


    the timing on this is wrong


    Yeah the timestamps are really confusing for me its p.m. right now but it says a.m.


    exactly br0


    My favorite artist right now who plays the ukulele is Seth Malvin. I think his music feels very good but I cannot find chords or tabs from his new album. I did notice that Out Of My Mind was here and that’s the best song in it, but the rest of his new album isn’t which is disappointing

    I’ve only been playing the ukulele for a few months and I am hoping to start covering music soon

    Is there any way we can request music on here?




    yeah i think soo i mean thats what this is for


    hii guys wt up


    Sup fam, I have no to talk to about music and such in my family, so I came here. What’s everyone’s faveourite genre of music? Mine has to be a draw between alternative rock, sad or classical. Also sorry if this butts in on anyone else’s conversations.




    Well I’m grounded for the week so I guess I gotta hang out here

    nugget 11

    HI ya’ll! anyone in 2018? i is lonely! Help meeeeee!!!!


    Sup peeps???
    I like ukes.
    (duh why else am i on here :|)


    Hi there fellow emo’s


    I’m so sick and bored




    I am bored


    hey people, how are yall doing??

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