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    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Welcome. and I get that. I too have seen both IT’S lol. If you need anyone to talk to/ in need of support. Im here for ya. I love helping others out with feeling accepted and valid.

    theinsanelycool jaredklienman

    ohhhh im planning on coming out tomorrow or friday bc im going bac 2 skool shopping with my mom im planning on just telling her “mom can i tell you something…im transgender” ill answer any questions and then if all goes well ill be able to transition get some guys clothes and a binder and mabye a haircut. hopefully my parents accept me but my mom is still more accepting than my dad but idk

    theinsanelycool jaredklienman

    UPDATE: i might not come out bc i wont be going shopping w/ just my mom =/ kinda disapointed mabye i can sneak around coming out quite yet and just get a binding bra idk

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    I get that. I came out 2 years ago as Non Binary and my parents wont get me a binder because they don’t like the idea of them. and I myself wanna present more masculine. so yeah. sports bras and binding bras are the way to go for now. I have been wanting a binder tho for about 3-4 years now. I’ve been out for almost 3 i think. But Id say. come out when you feel ready. and when it feels right. theres no rush. if you need any help. just let me know.

    theinsanelycool jaredklienman

    i came out in a laundrymat of all places. now i know that my mom dosnt care and she acceps me but i dont think she really gets the whole “im a boy” thing. but woo im out

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Yay! thats awesome. lol good job. and dont worry. its takes time. But that great. Im happy for you

    theinsanelycool jaredklienman

    haha thank you


    Hello, I’m new here and I love to play ukulele! I have been playing ukulele for about two years now. (I have two ukuleles, their names are Kuulei and Ocean) You can call me Otter and my pronouns are she/her. I’m excited to meet everyone!

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Hi welcome
    also your welcome.
    I gotta story now. So I’ve been out as Non Binary for 2-3 years now. my parents accept that I am enby but don’t use my preferred pronouns. Mine are they/them. But Here’s what I don’t get. My boyfriends parents are just now getting used to calling me by they/them pronouns and my boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 months. But yet my own parents won’t use them for me. like wtf. lmao.


    Wow that’s tough I’m sorry; I’m still in the closet to everyone but my two best friends but honestly still trying to figure some stuff out too
    On a completely unrelated note, what kind of music do ya’ll like?


    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Lol I really love cavetowns music. but I like mostly any kind of music. but I vibe most to calm music and like chill but also I listen to bands like Panic! At the Disco. But My music taste is wide. Wbu? What music do you like?

    theinsanelycool jaredklienman

    oooh hi im a trans bi guy so he/him pronouns and ive been out to my mom for about 2-3 weeks and it turns out my freind is non binary and bi


    My music taste is wide as well, but I would say most of what I listen to is indie rock; I I could also go for classic rock, heavy metal and a bit of pop music. I like Vampire Weekend, Carbon Leaf, Disturbed, things like that but also a ton of other songs scattered around a bunch of different genres.

    Hello! I see you like Dear Evan Hansen! (I haven’t seen it yet but it’s definitely on my list) My favorite musical is Les Mis

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Yo. lol One of my best friends LOVEs Les Mis lol. and thats cool.
    and yeah thats cool your friend is enby. I have quite a few LGBTQ+ friends lol


    Do any of you know anything about electric ukuleles/electro-accoustic ukuleles? I’ve been thinking about maybe getting one if I can save enough money. lol don’t know anything about them that’s why I’m asking.
    Btw you guys are brave, i’m scared to come out to people. where i live there’s not a ton of LGBTQ+ people so i don’t have a lot of people to talk to about it except for one of my friends (who i have been trying to get into playing uke but they’re more interested in the guitar lol)

    theinsanelycool jaredklienman

    ive never heard of an electric ukulele but it sounds cool. haha coming out was very scary but my mom already suspected it and said like 5 months ago “i accept you” she said that for no reason too hah

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    All good. I understand that. Most of my friends that I have are LGBTQ+ and quite a few of them are trans. They have all helped me figure out who I am. But my parents are accepting but say the They/them pronouns as a single pronoun are grammatically incorrect and have called me being Ebny some what of a phase. But With the help of my close friends I’ve learned to just accept it and move on. because they all use my pronouns correctly and my preferred name so that’s good.

    Also, Otter, I have an Electric/Acoustic Concert ukulele.(Luna Brand) Its cool. Just if its like mine then don’t expect to be able to hear the amp tone over the ukulele because the ukulele is generally a soft but amplified on its own. This is my experience but over all its fun. My favorite brand of ukulele is Luna but their more on the pricey side sometimes, but I recommend it if its a decent to good quality ukulele.
    Also If anyone uses a pick for strumming, don’t use a plastic one, it doesn’t sound good, at least to me and it also can damage the body if you are tap it, I recommend a felt pick instead. I myself use my hands but for an amplified sound, felt picks work well.
    If you would like some more advice on anything ukulele or LGBTQ+ wise. just let me know.
    ~ Rai of Musical Sunshine


    I agree with you, I don’t think plastic picks sound great on the uke. I generally don’t use a pick when playing by myself, but usually if I’m playing with my friends I’ll have to use a leather pick to be able to be heard over their guitars. (I play guitar a bit too but I honestly like ukulele better lol) Rai, thanks for the advice on the electric ukulele. I’ll check it out!
    My favorite ukulele is my Acoustic Lohanu Concert, but I might just look into Luna Brand! (lol my parents are a bit annoyed with my instruments laying around everywhere but my sister is also looking to buy a ukulele so maybe a Luna Brand one for her that I can “borrow” a lot)

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Lol no problem. and yeah also I started on a Luna Tenor Ukulele and I love it so much. And I do have a Luna concert ukulele (acoustic/electric) and a Amahi Soprano. Tho now I have a baritone ukulele (Makala brand) and I really like lower tone ukulele’s, I play it alot. But Lunas are usually like just a really beautiful sound/wood. They also come with some design work usually around the sound hole or the body. Overall I just love music lol.
    ~ Rai of Musical Sunshine

    theinsanelycool jaredklienman

    hey, you people play any other instrument besides the ukulele? I also play the alto sax, a Lil piano(keyboard lol), and the recorder kinda haha.

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