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~Monday 12th of April 2021~

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    Tyler gets all the credit (not that he doesn’t deserve it) but who out there loves Jishwa?? Where’s my clique at? |-/?

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    OMG yasssss only tyler gives josh credit it so annoying!!! JOSH NEEDS CREDIT!!!!! WHO’S WITH ME!!?

    #773 Reply

    OMG yes!!!

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    Honestly, I think both of them are equally beautiful, amazing, and talented, and twenty one pilots wouldn’t be twenty one pilots without Josh Dun.
    I’m sorry to change the subject but you can vote for twenty one pilots to play at the next super bowl halftime show on billboard.com, Stay alive frens

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    Ahhh….. But do we really want them to have more publicity? What happened to just TØP and the clique?

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    but i feel bad for Jena, it must be hard being married to a person in a very popular band cuz they go on tour so like what about her and tyler!! omg JYLER

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    in the clique? definitely not. i think there are more people in josh’s lane than in tyler’s. but in the rest of the world? probably! interviewers seem to focus more on tyler since hes the singer, and people most likely think of tyler first when they think of twenty one pilots. but again! josh is almost overly appreciated here in the clique lmao its just people who arent in the clique that give tyler more attention

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    Actually alot of people are Josh stans and only like josh and hate on Tyler. its stupid
    also, to the person who said “just top and the clique” you cant stop the band for growing, and if youre angry at them finally getting recognition and popularity, then you’re probably not a true fan.

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    Seriously I think both of them are the most lit people on earth and people shouldn’t hate on either of them. Ahh I just realized I have said lit a lot today I will stop Bye

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    I love both of them with all my heart tbh

    #2397 Reply

    HECK YES! He so underrated and even I support Tyler sooo much but Josh should get recognition

    #2410 Reply

    They’re both underrated and I need my beans to come back from hiatus nOW

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    T H E H I A T U S W I L L K I L L U S A L L

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    i feel we just need josh dun to survive human life;). lol i miss them soooo much

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