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~Saturday 15th of May 2021~

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    Who else loves Jake and Logan Paul I requested that they get the song help me help you on here!

    #1382 Reply

    Hello anyone?

    #1402 Reply

    Not me….

    #1415 Reply

    Why not? They are soooooooo awesome!

    #1452 Reply

    i came on this ready to roast u and explain why jake and logan r Bad but im just not. have a great day my friend !!

    #1485 Reply

    FYI Jake and Logan Paul are amazing, I’m an overly obsessed fan girl!
    Have a great day yourself!

    #1486 Reply

    I especially love Logan Paul?

    #1487 Reply

    i sense the irony and i am thoroughly entertained 🙂

    #1488 Reply

    e n g l a n d i s m y c i t y

    #1507 Reply

    Yass sarah smiles

    #1519 Reply

    I think they are dumb people who don’t deserve the money they earn and don’t deserve people to bow down to them

    #1524 Reply

    Well you guys can hate on them and try to bring them down while I’ll be loving and cheering them on!

    #1526 Reply

    LOGAN!!! 🙂 They’re both awesome though!

    #1529 Reply

    Thank you soooooo much banjoplayinuke someone finally agrees with me that the Logan and Jake Paul’s are amazing! ?☺️? Thank you again!

    #1722 Reply

    Well, I came over here from youtube land, trying to get away from those two o_O

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    #2263 Reply

    Omg what was I thinking before, now I’m just like no to them

    #2354 Reply

    common don’t let the haters bring you down. (btw, who are these people I really want to know.)

    #2355 Reply

    i hate the pauls!!!! they suck!

    #2356 Reply

    were not meaning to hate but those two are stupid idiots! so stop sucking up to those two jerks! they don’t derserve money and to be prasied!

    #2371 Reply

    Same XD I used to watch a few of Logan’s videos until he uploaded the suicide forest one. I watched about half of it then began feeling a little sick of his act and stopped the video there. I haven’t seen a single one since and I’m actually pretty glad I didn’t remain as one of his fans <3

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