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The place to be for all your ukulele needs Forums I’m new here! People think im dumb cause' i play uke :( I don't even have friends…

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    Im just sad b’cause people think its ridiculous to play ukulele :/

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    I’m Rai,
    I think that’s just dumb people think that. Don’t let others shoot down something you like doing. The ukulele has so many benefits and its over all fun. please stick with it. and if you need a fellow ukulele friend/buddy, I’m here to talk if you need. Music is amazing. People who play instruments can be and are very smart because us musicians take time and learn how to read music/ tab and what not. Please stick with it. I think your awesome that you play ukulele. Please let me know if I helped/can help. Thank for your time. Hope to become ukulele buddies.
    ~ Rai of Musical Sunshine

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    Thank you for making me feel better! It helped me a little, and of course i will keep going!

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    Ok Im glad to hear. and also No problem. Im here if you ever need someone to talk to.

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    sounds like those people need to get some ears

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    you’re not dumb for playing the uke that’s stupid

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    if they think you’re “dumb” for doing somthing you enjoy to do then they are the dumb ones. people shouldn’t be like that, they should be supportive even if they don’t like it. so case in point those people don’t deserve to be your friend. don’t listen to what they say about it listen to what you think not what others think.

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    I swear! You guys are the purest! <3 Thx for the support

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    No problem. No fellow musician deserves to feel that way in my book. Im here if you ever need someone to talk to

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    Well, those who think playing the uke is dumb are the ones missing out on all the fun! I just started playing a month ago and really enjoy learning to play!

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    Look around and you’ll be amazed at who is playing the ukulele, indeed just check out youtube, amazing talent out there.

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    That’s sad, mostly because u care about what those dumbasses think!

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    Hi who do I have to fight for you cause I will.

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    Who the hell thinks its dumb to play Uke?!! Omg … its not at all.. its awesome. Keep going.. do whatever brings you joy!! There’s a whole festival devoted to it here in Sydney.. in the Blue Mountains… I’m sure they have many all over the world.

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